Drupal Images from User Submissions

Blogging Tips from Rex BrownA recent Drupal project involved capturing personal profile info and a photo for use in a directory page. Building the form was simple enough using the Webform module. I was able to restrict the size and types of files the user could upload (we once received a company logo in a Word document).  The catch was how to display the information to the public.

Instead of a copy/paste maneuver or manually re-keying everything I decided to try and create my directory page directly from the submitted data. Seemed simple enough… until I tried it!

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Get to Work with Google Apps

A few years ago I migrated our office of about a dozen people to Google Apps. It’s one of the smartest I.T. decisions I’ve ever made.

GoogleAppsCouponGoogle Apps for Work allowed me to retire our aging Microsoft Exchange server, a headache I was more than happy to be rid of. No more software patches, no more obsolete hardware. Our domain email moved over seamlessly with no interruption and users were immediately able to access mail from whatever device they preferred using Gmail.
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Tulsa’s Airship Terminal

A Legend That’s Lighter Than Air

Courtesy of the Beryl Ford Collection/Rotary Club of Tulsa, Tulsa City-County Library and Tulsa Historical SocietyFor decades I have heard the stories about Tulsa’s dirigible mooring mast. But lately it seems to have gained traction, despite a lack of any real evidence. Numerous websites, newspaper articles and Wikipedia all mention the mooring mast atop the 320 Boston Building. But is it true?

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