Our First Cruise: Alaska Inside Passage

A 7-day cruise departing and returning from Vancouver, BC.

Booking our first cruise in 2014 proved to be more than a little intimidating. Alaska was about the only simple decision in the whole process! From there it became a swirl of choices and options– large or small ship, ports of call, cruise/tour… the list goes on. We decided on a round-trip Princess cruise from Vancouver, BC since we had wanted to visit the city anyway. It also made air travel easier than arriving in one city, and returning home from another.

Cruise 2014

Click to view our vacation slideshow. Yippee!

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Drupal Images from User Submissions

Blogging Tips from Rex BrownA recent Drupal project involved capturing personal profile info and a photo for use in a directory page. Building the form was simple enough using the Webform module. I was able to restrict the size and types of files the user could upload (we once received a company logo in a Word document).  The catch was how to display the information to the public.

Instead of a copy/paste maneuver or manually re-keying everything I decided to try and create my directory page directly from the submitted data. Seemed simple enough… until I tried it!

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