Vintage Corvette Kit

Posted: 22nd March 2014 by Rex Brown in cars, toys
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Just posted a very cool model car kit on eBay last week.


It’s a 1960 vintage Monogram “Forty Niner” series- as in 49¢ retail price. The model is a Chevrolet Corvette and the contents and box are absolutely pristine. Even the decal sheet is intact!
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Aficionados will recognize that sign as a longtime fixture of the soda fountain at the now defunct Steve’s Sundry.

Steve's Sundry

Steve’s closed their doors for the final time Tuesday, December 31, 2013.

The dire warning above was intended for any unscrupulous patron that might have dared to peruse a periodical while seated. If you ever cared to read while sipping your malt it required two trips to the checkout line: Pay for your magazine; Return to the counter; Eat; Walk up front and pay for your food.

Never mind the fact that you could thumb through Wired for hours if you stood at the magazine rack.
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No Chemo!

Posted: 23rd November 2013 by Rex Brown in life

CelebrationAfter several weeks of waiting- unnecessary waiting I might add- we finally got some good news.

The Oncotype Test on Jackie’s tumor came back with a low score of 17.  In English that means the likelihood of a recurrence of breast cancer is low so she does not need to have chemotherapy.
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Saw a great concert last night- plus a wonderful hometown story that I just had to share:

Natalie Merchant played a unique gig with the Tulsa Symphony orchestra this weekend at the University of Tulsa’s Lorton Performance Center. This is a great venue for this type of performance- wonderful acoustics and literally “not a bad seat in the house.” In fact, we were sitting in the balcony and had a wonderful view!

One of our favorite CDs from the Eighties.

She opened with a familiar 10,000 Maniacs tune, belting it out with that powerful voice that became a signature of the early days of “Alternative Rock.” The evening progressed through her 30-year musical career. Along the way she had high praise for our local orchestra and how fortunate Tulsa is to have such a treasure. After the intermission the orchestra was slimmed down and the music became a bit more intimate. So intimate she actually reprimanded someone in the audience, “Please stop filming me.”

But the best was yet to come.
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Backdating Google Maps

Posted: 10th August 2013 by Rex Brown in tech
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Call me an old fart, but I hate the new mobile version of Google Maps.

Google MapsJudging from recent reviews on Google Play I am not alone. The improvements have streamlined some functions- like the confusing Navigation interchange. But others have just disappeared- like Latitude and the wonderful My Maps feature. Yet  even when I did manage to unravel the mysteries of the new interface I found the app kludgy. Even downright wrong.

The GPS seldom managed to show my position accurately. Then I could never get the display to position itself “direction of travel to the top” as opposed to north at the top. It was irritating to see something that had worked so well suddenly looking like a 5th grade science project. Correction– a 5th grader should probably have been consulted.

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