Full-Tilt Fireworks

Posted: 10th July 2015 by Rex Brown in travel
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Nashville. Light rain. Fourth of July.

MythicWe were just passing through on our way to Savannah. The prospect of seeing history made above our heads? That was not even on the agenda.
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Tulsa Tough Number Ten

Posted: 15th June 2015 by Rex Brown in life, tulsa
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CheckpointIt was nine years ago this month we sat down at the patio of a new bar downtown for a drink and discovered:

  • there’s some sort of bicycle race going on.
  • it appears to be a really big deal.
  • this is a gay bar.

The last one has absolutely nothing to do with the story.

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Wi-Fi Wizard

Posted: 8th September 2014 by Rex Brown in tech
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For those obsessed with optimization the Wi-Fi signal must be a constant thorn. You can’t see it…. but you know it’s there. But could it be stronger? Is there an 802.11Z?
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Permanent USB Power Plug

Posted: 4th July 2014 by admin in cars, tech
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It’s easy to hardwire auto and motorcycle accessories with a handy 12 volt to USB cable. Instead of screwing around with clunky cigarette lighter adapters you can purchase a special cable on eBay. These drop the vehicle’s 12 VDC line voltage down to the standard USB output of 5 volts. They’re available in Micro USB, Mini USB and other common connections…

USB Vehicle Cable

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Vintage Corvette Kit

Posted: 22nd March 2014 by Rex Brown in cars, toys
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Just posted a very cool model car kit on eBay last week.


It’s a 1960 vintage Monogram “Forty Niner” series- as in 49¢ retail price. The model is a Chevrolet Corvette and the contents and box are absolutely pristine. Even the decal sheet is intact!
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