Who am I?

Rex Brown
Tulsa, OK
Child Free

I’m a tech guy for a trade association in Tulsa (www.pei.org) and dabble in video, graphics and cartooning. Web design is one of my skills I have put to use for various events and causes— Oktoberfest, TulsaNow, NEOTT and others.

My favorite hobby is motorcycling. I’ve been riding since I was 14 and have mostly owned dual sports and trials bikes (full list). I enjoy riding the twisties, but do not consider myself exceptionally skilled at it. Or willing to risk life and limb to keep up with someone who is.

In a former life I played bass for a band called Radio Milan. We played around the new wave circuit in Tulsa, Muskogee, Dallas, Oklahoma City and Stillwater back in the Eighties. It never went anywhere but we played some unique music and had quite a following.

Jackie and me with friends in San FranciscoSince 1998 my sideline has been building and managing the web site Places2ride.com. The main purpose of the site is listing places to ride motorcycles, motorcycling events, gear reviews, news and links.

Enough about me. What about you?

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  1. Hullo,loved the insects – thanks for the memories!would like to make you friend on myspace but couldnt get the code thing to work. myspace.com/spyface_ is my space… Do you know where Barry mace is ? just spoke with dave lebow – hope youll add as friend. It will take some time but I have pics, posters, vids – 32k at least. myspace dont like the mac so im getting a friend to scan them in. thanx, hope to talk soon

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