We’re number 751,306!

It’s probably a little premature to pass out those foam rubber fingers like they have at footall games- but there is cause for celebration nonetheless.

aerial view of Beeline Motocross ParkMany of you probably know that I moonlight as the webmaster for a motorcycling site called Places 2 Ride. The site began in 1998 as a promo for my buddy Brad’s motocross track (aerial view at right). People were e-mailing him from as far away as Michigan asking about other places in Oklahoma to ride their dirt bikes. To save time we started posting info about Oklahoma’s off-road riding areas and MX tracks. Eventually we registered the domain name: places2ride.com. As the name implies, it is a site about places to ride motorcycles. Today this includes motorcycle race tracks, scenic highways, popular urban boulevards, twisty trails, etc.

The cause for celebration has to do with visits to Places 2 Ride web site. For years the site has been a popular stop for a small number of regional motorcyclists. Recently I have made a full frontal assault on making it a nationwide listing plus events, riding gear reviews and newsfeeds. When I began my campaign the site was ranked by Alexa somewhere in the 1.5 to 2 million vicinity. That basically means there were about 2 million web sites more popular than Places2ride.com.

Today that number is 751,306.
Alexa Certified Traffic Ranking for www.places2ride.com

I doubt that Yahoo is worried about losing traffic, but it’s reassuring to see your efforts produce tangible results. Now, back to the grindstone…. next month I’m shooting to break 700,000!


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  1. You’re right. Google was not kind to us for much of January and our reach dropped about 20,000. Around the 20th we re-appeared and it’s business as usual. I’m glad my livelihood doesn’t depend on search engines!

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