The Ice Man Cometh

Yuck. Another blast of freezing rain pelted Tulsa yesterday. In typical Oklahoma fashion the thermometer dropped from 65°F to below freezing in just a few hours.

Our last winter blast left about ten inches of snow on the ground. This time we’re in for more ice as the temperatures at higher altitudes are above freezing. The rain freezes as it nears the ground! Once colder arctic air moves in, the air aloft will be colder so we’ll get snow. Right now they’re not predicting that will happen, so we could have three days of freezing rain and sleet.

Hopefully we won’t have a repeat of 1987 when ice literally coated Tulsa and knocked out power to huge sections of the city. Trees and power lines were coated with a thick layer of ice and the night sky was a symphony of color as transformers began popping. Some neighborhoods were dark for two weeks!

So far the brunt of the “ice coating” has been just southeast of us. Hopefully our luck holds out for the next couple of nights!

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