The Insects will Prevail

What better attire for
watching golden oldies?
The Insects T-Shirt
The Insects T-Shirt!
Okay, gang. Here’s the Insects appearance on the Night Shift television show in its entirety. Complete with closed captioned lyrics!

The video previews appear in the order the songs were played on the show. My apologies for the low resolution- but they’re good enough to get the general idea.




Forget Your Orders

Sofas in Motion

Space-Age Pumps

So Many People

Vampire For You

2 thoughts on “The Insects will Prevail”

  1. Absolute classic stuff. The fact that the Insects [nor Radio Milan] never got a major record contract only serves to underline the conspiracy in the ‘music binness’ to keep it all amongst themselves and to completely control that which is pumped out across the airwaves. There is no room, obviously, for original, slightly offbeat, leading edge tunesmiths

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