FW: E-Mail Warning

Here’s a note to share with all your friends that constantly forward you those lame warnings about exploding cell phones and virus warnings from the Nineties.

A friend of my cousin’s wife works for the Internet and said this really works!

A quick search on www.snopes.com can reveal most hoaxes in less than 30 seconds.

Millions of Clueless Now Able
to stop wasting bandwidth forwarding mindless e-mails. Simple web site debunks urban legends, virus warnings and twisted political bullshit. Amazing but true!

Anyone who can download the Internet can go to Snopes.com and type in a few words from the e-mail subject. Somehow the computer will show you whether the yarn is a hoax or the truth. It’s incredible! Experts say do this BEFORE you forward the message to your entire address book.


3 thoughts on “FW: E-Mail Warning”

  1. I heard that, if you visit snopes.com on March 3rd, the anniversary of the ‘Contradication of Vortislawa’ (the site owner’s grandmother’s homeland) each and every person will receive an iPod.

  2. ah, but one must watch snopes. they can be, and are quite often, wrong. i have pointed this out to them before, using verification from the source of the commentary. they refused to a] admit their mistake when confronted with irrefutable documentation / evidence and b] would not change their ‘answer’ because the truth was not politically correct. i believe they are fairly accurate on computer / tech issues, but fall woefully short elsewhere. caveat emptor

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