I’m Mad Too, Vince

I was going through some old photos last week.

This was a bit of magic marker art using a Datsun 510 as the canvas. Some may know the canvas as the “Buck Car.” That’s mostly because it was spray painted on the hood in letters three feet tall.

About a million years ago I used to draw this character on various fixtures around Tulsa. One included a caption I borrowed from local bumper stickers of the time, “I’m mad too, Vince.”

From then on everyone called the cartoon by the name Vince.

The real Vince was a guy who ran for street commissioner about a zillion times. I ran into him once at Jerry’s Restaurant (formerly on 15th and Main) and we chatted over apple turnovers. When I asked him about the slogan he laughed. He had borrowed it from a politician in the Houston area who had popularized the slogan “I’m mad too, Eddie.”

And now you know.

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