Pennytech: Laptop Workstation

During our recent ice storm trauma Jackie and I spent a good deal of our mornings soaking up coffee and wi-fi at the nearest Panera. This went on for the entire eight days our power was out.

Each morning we would pack up the Dell laptop I use at work. It’s a reliable, if not exactly light, Inspiron 5500 that has served us well. Jackie doesn’t use laptops very often and had trouble negotiating the glidepoint pad and found it difficult to type with the laptop flat on the table. I solved the glidepoint problem next time by bringing along a mouse. The solution to positioning the keyboard at an angle was her idea…

Most dollar stores sell rubber door stops in a package of 4 or 6 or more. Placing two of them under the laptop sets it up at an angle and makes it easier to type.

Now I keep a pair of doorstops in the laptop bag to use whenever I travel or need to use the Dell on a table top.

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