Photography Kudos

Earlier this year Jackie and I went to Albuquerque on a business trip. I had just recently purchased my Olympus E-410 and was snapping photos and enjoying the high desert lifestyle (see Take a Left at Albuquerque for more).

Some of the pics came out pretty good and I shared them on my Flickr page. Then a few weeks ago I got a message from an outfit called Schmap. They make interactive guides to cities around the world that will play on your phone or website. Schmap was considering using this photo in their Albuquerque guide:
Mission in Albuquerque's Old Town district.

It was a gratis gig, but I said sure. What could it hurt?

Then yesterday I got a note that they had chosen my photo and it was now included in their Schmap Albuquerque Sixth Edition. I had never heard of Schmap before (which is possibly the whole point to this) but I like what they’re doing. Who better to share the story of a city than the people who have been there?

And here’s a cute little Schmap widget of their Albuquerque guide, complete with my lovely photo of the mission in Old Town.

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