Radio Milan on eMusic and iTunes

Just in time for Christmas!

Now you can download Radio Milan music from iTunes, CD Freedom or eMusic. Sign up now with eMusic and you can even download them for free!

Live Insects on the Night Shift TV ShowThis album is a live set recorded on the KTUL television show “Night Shift.” Songs on this set include classics like Forget Your Orders, Sofas in Motion, So Many People, Space-Age Pumps and Vampire 4 U. Download your favorite track or the whole album- such a deal!

These recording were made in 1984 when the band lineup was Tony Dapolito- vocals, Scott Miller- lead guitar, David Burdick- rhythm guitar, Rex Brown- bass and Les Mobley on drums.

And for those of you that still need something tangible to hold in your hand you can still order the Jim Anthology on compact disk. For the latest updates and samples from the analog music vault visit Radio Milan on Facebook.

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