Great Source for Fuel Line Quick Connects

Here’s a hot tip I picked up off the BMW R bike forum,

Many BMW motorcycles use inline quick-disconnects on the fuel lines to make removal of the gas tank easier and less messy. It’s a great idea because they make it quicker to unhook the fuel line, and they also shut off the flow of fuel when disconnected. I’m sure other manufacturers use similar fittings- and if not, they’re a great addition to most any bike, boat, go-kart, etc.

The problem is many are made of plastic and become brittle with age. BMW even recalled their early versions and replaced them with a new design intended to last longer. But owners still report problems, and if one breaks on the road you’re stranded.

The other problem is these things aren’t cheap. That’s why I was delighted to find these affordable high-quality brass disconnects available in 5/16″ (the proper size to fit the BMW’s 8mm fuel line). They are made with buna seals which are impervious to most fuels.

I ordered a pair through Amazon for less than the price of one from BMW.

Brass Quick Connects

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