Groove Even More with your Sansa months ago I posted a mini review of my SanDisk MP3 player. Since that time I’ve added a Belkin device that allows me to listen to the Sansa in the car (and simultaneously charge its battery) which is great on road trips.

One of the few complaints I have with the Sansa is adding music to it from my computer. This isn’t so much a problem with the Sansa, it’s actually a Windows thing. The process of “synching” any MP3 player with a Windows computer involves using Windows Media Player. You can avoid it by downloading some other application, but I found a different approach that seems to work better.

Instead of changing the software on my computer, I changed the software on my Sansa.

Rockbox Jukebox SoftwareRockbox is an open source alternative for MP3 players from SanDisk, Archos, Olympus, iRiver, Toshiba, and yes, even iPods. It is a bold attempt to make music players easier to use, more customizable and add versatility.

Rockbox for the Sansa e200 Series

It works quite differently from the firmware supplied from the factory. But managing the songs on my Sansa has never been easier. And after a short learning curve the playlist options available are greatly improved. And you can even download plug-ins that allow you to play games!

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