Pennytech: New and Improved Teleprompter

Avid readers may be familiar with my homemade teleprompter (see Making a $5 Teleprompter) for shooting video without the use of cue cards or memory-enhancing drugs. The original was made from a wine box, piece of glass and some packing tape.

Teleprompter in ActionI hadn’t used the $5 Teleprompter for a couple of years. But recently we started shooting some talking head segments for the Two Wheel Oklahoma video project. The cardboard version was in pretty sad shape after being stored for several months.

I happened across some surplus coroplast signs and decided to give it a go. What a difference! Very sturdy, easy to work with, strong yet light. I used duct tape to temporarily hold it together, then made a permenant bond with contact cement.

It works great and has really helped make my video work look more professional.

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