FREE: Local Happenings This Week

Couple of cool things coming up in T-Town this week, and the best part is they’re free! So with no further adieu…

Tuesday, August 25
Tulsa Drillers Baseball
For their Advertiser’s Appreciation Night fans can snag free tickets at any Driller’s sponsor. That’s like- a lot.

Wednesday, August 26
Lights On at El Rancho Grande
In his book, The Tipping Point, Malcolm Gladwell talks about the “broken window syndrome.” The theory is that just one broken window can eventually ruin a whole neighborhood. But fortunately this can also work in reverse.

Consider the restored Meadow Gold neon sign on 11th Street. It inspired the owners of one of Tulsa’s oldest restaurants to polish up their neon sign. El Rancho Grande has repaired the neon and given the sign a fresh coat of paint. This Wednesday at 7:30 pm they’ll be firing it up and celebrating with half price margaritas and appetizers. Ole!

Thursday, August 27
Fifth Night Finale
The 27th is also the final installment of Utica Square’s free concert series, Fifth Night. Drop by and slow your pulse with the smooth jazz of Grady Nichols.

Friday, August 28
Red Dirt Rangers Birthday Party
Hard to believe it’s been twenty years now since I listened to the Red Dirt Rangers at a dive in Stillwater called Willie’s Saloon. And now they have the audacity to book the Cain’s Ballroom?!? Well, hey… at least it’s free.

Seriously, doors open at 7:00 pm for this anniversary celebration for one of Oklahoma’s favorite bands. At one of Oklahoma’s most famous venues! Now where’d I stash those Tuf Nut jeans….

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