Television Premiere: Two Wheel Oklahoma

One week from today a television program I co-produced will premiere.

It’s called Two Wheel Oklahoma and will follow two guys on motorcycles as they travel around the Sooner State. I happen to be one of the guys. Brad Mathison is the other one. Tune in October 3rd for the first episode!

Brad and I have talked about this concept for years. Beginning about two years ago we got serious about the idea. It’s been a long road (pun intended) but it looks like the effort is paying off.

This idea fits perfectly with my lifelong pursuit of dabbling in just about everything. But this project goes far beyond merely dabbling in a hobby. We’re working with a great group of people and the end result is looking very professional.

Two Wheel Oklahoma airs Saturday mornings at 9 on KMYT-TV in Tulsa.

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