Go Karting Grows Up

I recently had the pleasure to visit a Pole Position Raceway on a group outing for my birthday (below). If you typically yawn when someone mentions go-karts then this place is for you! When we arrived I think my coworkers were a little intimidated. After signing several liability releases and removing open-toe shoes we were instructed to don balaclavas and full-face helmets.

Coworkers look on as we prepare to take the wheel.First off, this is not the typical amusement park foot-to-the-floor stuff. There is no way to make a complete lap with the pedal to the metal. At least I couldn’t! The cars are electric, but don’t let that fool you. These are not toys for toddlers to tour the yard turf. They are capable of 45 MPH on straight and level and handle… well, like a go kart.

The track we visited in Las Vegas was a 1/4 mile long with about seven turns. Two of the turns were very tight and require some real skill to maneuver swiftly. Track sessions last for twelve laps, which gives you plenty of time to get a feel for the track and the way the cars work. Our group did the Grand Prix Package which includes three of those 12-lap sessions- a practice, a qualifier and the main event. In the main event we lined up on the grid and started from a standing start. Just like Formula One!

In the end I blew it in the second to the last turn on the very last lap! After setting the fastest lap in each session and whittling my time down to 27 seconds, I spun out mere feet from the finish line. Chris managed to slip by for the top spot on the podium (right).

A rematch is being planned.

Pole Position has locations in California, Las Vegas and Oklahoma City. After the great time we had in Vegas I definitely plan to visit the location in OKC soon!

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