LG600G: Good Phone with Email Trouble

I recently ordered a new LG600G cell phone and was quite happy with it. Until I snapped a photo and tried to send it.

Turned out I could no longer send or receive emails as I had done with my old Tracfone. Of course my minutes were still deducted as if I had sent a message! Calls to technical support were pretty frustrating and ended with a promised update that might take “up to 72 hours to arrive.” Not surprisingly it never arrived.

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After digging into the problem a little more I discovered that my phone was on T-Mobile network. That explained why I wasn’t receiving any emails- my old Tracfone was on the Cingular network and used an ATT.net domain. When I sent a message to [email protected] it arrived almost instantly.

A little more research and I came across this blog post about sending mail through an SMS gateway use 36245. That spells “email” for you non-texters like me. I tried it and still couldn’t send- but when I tried 500 outbound email worked. Fortunately that lengthy and arcane procedure is not necessary for this phone. The LG has an Email Gateway setting in the menu. Here’s how to navigate to that setting:
Menu > Messages > Message Settings > Text Message > Email Gateway

Once I entered 500 here my phone was able to send email text messages. MMS messages still don’t work but hopefully this information will help other frustrated Tracfone owners!

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