New Year Party = January 1

Tired: New Years Eve Parties | Wired: New Years Day Parties
First off, happy 2010.

I really think New Years Day is where the action is. I’m thinking the in crowd parties on The Day, not on New Years Eve. New Years Eve parties are SO last century.

I mean it’s not just because I’m getting older- though staying up past midnight is becoming more and more an issue each year- there are serious issues with going out on 12/31. If you don’t feel like driving with all the drunks you’ll need to party in a “stay over” environment. That usually means you’ll need to party at a hotel, unless you consider a roadside rest-stop acceptable accommodations.And the expense… geeez. I’m not getting older, I’m getting… sleepy.

But I’m not ashamed to admit it, and I don’t feel guilty about not freezing my ass off to watch an illuminated orb being lowered. So get ready for hearing someone say… “Oh I never drive on New Years Day… too many crazies on the road.”

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