Best and Worst of Superbowl 44

Congratulations to the New Orleans Saints. Now to the important stuff…

I thought the Superbowl ads this year were pretty mediocre overall. I missed the “controversial” pro-whatever ad, but there were a few spots that did catch my eye. For better or for worse. We’ll start with better…

I don’t typically think of “cute” when I think of Google. But their Google Goes to Paris spot was clever and effective. Okay, it was cute. The entire spot was a series of searches on the oh-so-familiar Google search box with various manipulations of the suggested results. It goes through a series of searches about traveling to Paris, falling in love, moving to Paris, then ending with a search for baby crib assembly instructions. What they must have saved on production costs!

Appealing to the fairer sex, or more accurately- fans of Cute Overload, this Carmax spot played up on the pets-with-a-dramatic-look phenom. Kudos also go to Carmax for daring to show a woman posing as a car saleperson. Who knew?

And then there’s the worst spots.

Daring Dodge
You’re whipped so you rebel and buy the car you want. Yawn. Reminds me of the Simpson’s where Homer buys the snowplow. But a Dodge Charger is faster than a snowplow. Yeah maybe, but they’re still fugly.

Audi’s Green Police
I thought this ad was somewhat funny. But I wasn’t sure who Audi was attempting to alienate. Their iClone design-conscious customer base or greenies that might be interested in a low-smoke diesel. Has anyone in Germany heard about this red state/blue state thing?

And finally, while not a commercial, the halftime show is such a short concert it’s kinda’ like a spot.

Townshend’s Shirt Tail
Somebody do something about these wardrobe malfunctions. Please. Half the guitar solo was spent untangling his coat from the guitar. C’mon Pete- you can afford to buy a new shirt.

Until next year.

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