Best of the Worst Movies

Here’s a wonderful concept for a book- great movies you’ve never heard of.

It’s a shame that movies are judged good or bad based on their commercial success. Film critic, Leonard Maltin, has assembled 151 of his favorite “flops” in a new book titled 151 Best Movies You’ve Never Seen. Some of my favorite films were commercial flops, and pretty obscure. So I couldn’t wait to see how many of my favorites made the cut!

Scanning the table of contents I was pleasantly surprised- I really haven’t seen most of these! There were a few familiar titles that also top my list: The Devil’s Backbone, Owning Mahowny, Thumbsucker and The Tao of Steve. But I was surprised to see The Maltese Falcon and The World’s Fastest Indian on this list. Nobody saw these films?

The list is assembled in alphabetical order, so there’s no Top 10 List or Best of the Worst award. For each title Maltin provides the basic specs- cast, director, year of production- then offers a few paragraphs about the movie and why he likes it. It’s a quick and handy reference to assist with your Netflix queue or you those late-night trips to the video store.

Oversights? Sure. Here’s a couple of films worth watching that didn’t make the list: Madison, Living in Oblivion and the Hudsucker Proxy.

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