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It’s about time.

Ever since I started using Facebook the interface for Pages has mystified me. Specifically, why can’t I (as in me) post a message on the Page that I created? Facebook only lets me post as the page.

If you’re not familiar here’s a dime store rundown- the feature known as Pages are Facebook’s answer to a business presence. The main idea is people have friends and pages have fans. It might be a pizza shop or a website or a local restaurant. If you’re wanting people on Facebook to follow the exploits of your entity you need to create a Page.

But when you create a page for your business you’ll suddenly learn that you can only interact with people on that page as the business. This applies to anyone who either creates or is assigned as an administrator to a page. In other words, you can’t be… well, you.

Until now.

Facebook has recently rolled out an upgrade to pages. Allowing you to be you is only one small part of this upgrade- in fact it’s barely touched on in their little tour. And like many Facebook features it’s harder than hell to find. Here’s how…

My (New) Settings
As an example let’s say I have a page for a blog called Oklahoma Modern. If I visit the upgraded Facebook page I created for this fun and fascinating blog I’ll see an Edit Page link along the right-hand side. Click on Edit Page, then click on Your Settings and it should look like this (click to enlarge):

My Recommendation
Uncheck the top box so you can be you when you visit this page. Now if I post a comment on Oklahoma Modern the post will be from Rex Brown- not Oklahoma Modern.

Say what?

What if I do want to post something as Oklahoma Modern?

No problem. The upgraded interface has a nifty option along the right-hand side that says “Use Facebook as Oklahoma Modern.” If I click that link my actions will be posted from Oklahoma Modern instead of Rex Brown. You’ll also find a similar link under Account dropdown.

The cool/scary part is that applies to any of your activity on Facebook- not just interactions on your own pages. So be careful!

As always, your mileage may vary.

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