I want my MP4!

Ever wish you had a copy of your video in MP4 format?

Maybe you already do!

MP4 has become a popular format. In fact- that’s what powers most of the videos you see on You Tube.  Many cameras shoot MP4 native, and more editors are capable of working with it. But the best part is it looks great and makes small files!

click to enlargeIf you’ve been asked to provide files in this format and thought you could – check this screenshot out:

If you have a video on You Tube, then you can easily download a copy of your clip in MP4 format. No matter what you may have uploaded originally- You Tube converts everything to MP4!

Just log into your account and click the link to your videos (upper right-hand corner). Now expand the arrow beside Insight and you should see a “Download MP4” link. Click it and forget it!

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