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Blogger vs. Word Press: Take 3

In my quest to compare free blogging platforms I turned my attention to the Blogger navbar.

Word Press doesn’t force you to view a navigation bar above your free blog. Although you will see a bar up there if you’re logged into Word Press, this is tied to your user account- not the blog.

Blogger,  on the other hand, displays a bar across all blogs.

While this bar may have a link or two we could consider useful, it seems to be more suited to Google’s purposes than ours. Report abuse? Next blog? No thanks. Plus, this casts the stink of cheap on your otherwise professional-looking blog. It’s really pretty useless to your visitors.

But when I decided to try removing it I found it difficult. Blogger offers you various color options- but “none” was not listed. When I hunted for a way to nix it I found tons of references for the ealier Blogger Templates interface and nothing for the newer style known as Layouts. But I kept searching!

I finally found an excellent tutorial with screenshots from the Webaholic…

Remove Blogger Navbar

This applies to the current Blogger interface and provides step-by-step instructions with pictures. A few clicks and a control+V later I was living life navbar-free. Ahhhh.

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