Loyalty Cards: 1966

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We were going through a box of some old family stuff the other night. I found photos from the Eighties and ephemera dating back to the Fifties.

One of the most “oh wow” moments was unearthing an S&H Green Stamps book. It immediately brought back memories of Mom filling books and the weird stamp dispenser machine in the grocery store that resembled a telephone dial.

I love the artwork. The whole family is so happy that Mom is saving stamps to buy an overpriced blender!

The inside pages were pulp and always featured line drawings. As a child I was convinced they were coloring books!

One thought on “Loyalty Cards: 1966”

  1. YES! Loved S&H Green stamps. I got to collect them, put them in the books and go to the redemption center there on Yale just north of 41st as I remember. West side of the street wasn’t it? After a couple of ‘overpriced blenders’ for the family, I got to get a couple of things for myself. The imitation Schwinn StingRay was completely out of reach for a mere family of three’s collection, but I still have the little Zenith transistor radio obtained with those little pulp colouring books filled with ‘greenie stick em stamps’ from the machine at Sipes’ checkout stand. 🙂

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