A Life in Pictures

I recently discovered a unique archive of photographs. They are the work of a man named Nick De Wolfe.

from the Nick De Wolfe archive
Every little boy loves a radial engine.

I had never heard of Mr. De Wolfe, but suffice to say he was quite an interesting man. He snapped a lot of pictures throughout his life, and was one hell of a photographer. The voluminous stacks, accumulated over a lifetime, are currently being scanned by De Wolfe’s son-in-law, Steve Lundeen.

I was fascinated paging through the images from all over the world- some from places I have visited. One of the more interesting sets involves a vacation trip from New York to Stockholm in 1959. For highlights and a wonderful explanation of this unique archive visit A Continuous Lean.

Or view the entire collection on Flickr…

Nick De Wolfe Photo Archive

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