Vintage RVs: Fun with Fiberglass

In the Golden Age of Fiberglass there were a variety of RV manufacturers that took advantage of the light weight and easy to mold plastic to build motorhomes. They borrowed their engines and chassis from Corvairs, Oldsmobile Toronados and everything in between. Many of these efforts were quite forgettable.

The retro styling and mobile party bus aspect of these behemoths has spurred a small boom of RV restorations.

But one of the more noticeable shapes from this period was from a company called Travco. Short for “travelers company,” they used a Dodge truck frame and laid up a ton of ‘glass to produce these land yachts from the mid Sixties up into the Eighties.

Recently I discovered a blog about one Travco that has been lovingly restored by a couple in Canada. Today it travels the country to compete in RV and vintage trailer shows (yes, there really is such a thing). The 1964 example is affectionately known as Myrtle and is a painted aqua blue that immediately reminded me of our local Blue Whale. The blog chronicles the adventures of restoring a blue whale made of fiberglass, wood and steel.

Click here to follow the Adventures of Myrtle…

Image courtesy Myrtle and Me


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