Move Over Orbitz

World’s Worst Airline Launches World’s Worst Booking Site

Of course that headline caught my eye.

The airline in question is the North Korean state-run carrier, Air Koryo. Browsing through the site is like taking the Wayback Machine to the cold war-era. For instance, the “news” section offers insight on the company’s newest equipment- the Tupolev 204. This “new” jet dates back to Aeroflot’s fleet from 1989 and “has 12 business classes and 164 economy classes.” Classes? I think that means seats.

The booking section is equally entertaining. First, choose your trip- one-way or round trip. Okay, now a city… oops. The list only has four. Oh, that’s not a mistake. They only fly to four cities. But hey, if you can’t find it in Pyongyang or Vladivostok what the hell do you need it for?

Just don’t cancel your frequent flyer miles quite yet.

Read more on CNN International or just tune in directly:

I think Orbitz is safe for now.

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