Everybody Knows That

Okay, let’s play a game.


When I say go try to find the following word somewhere on this web page…


How many of you have already typed in Control + F?

If so, then you my friend, are a guru.

Believe it or not more than 90% of computer users don’t know that Control + F opens the “Find” dialog. That’s just one of several surprises revealed by Dan Russell of Google. He has studied how people use, or don’t use, their web browser, search results and apps.

This doesn’t really surprise me. Just as many people “search” for website addresses (like googling www.maduko.com) instead of just typing into the address box- the basics of everyday technology are often overlooked. Tabbed browsers are another example. Many nerds arrange tabs to prioritize things or even mimic their physical desktop. But the majority of users never use tabs.

Read the whole list and learn more surprising and geeky factoids…

Fast Company: 4 Crucial Thing “Average Users” Should Know But Don’t


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