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Call me an old fart, but I hate the new mobile version of Google Maps.

Judging from recent reviews on Google Play I am not alone. The improvements have streamlined some functions- like the confusing Navigation interchange. But others have just disappeared- like Latitude and the wonderful My Maps feature. Yet  even when I did manage to unravel the mysteries of the new interface I found the app kludgy. Even downright wrong.

The GPS seldom managed to show my position accurately. Then I could never get the display to position itself “direction of travel to the top” as opposed to north at the top. It was irritating to see something that had worked so well suddenly looking like a 5th grade science project. Correction– a 5th grader should probably have been consulted.

Google Maps for Android Version 7 was Introduced in July 2013

I rolled back version 7 the same day it popped up on my phone. But doing so means I then had the original version that came with my Galaxy S3. Not a huge disaster- at least it worked! But it might mean you’re using a really outdated version depending on the age of your phone. This doesn’t mean the maps are wrong- the data still comes from the Cloud- but the interface will be different. And the previous version of Maps was awesome!

Fortunately there’s a wonderful resource available that can save the day. It’s called Android Drawer and they store a repository of different versions of apps. Don’t like the latest version of Facebook? Dial it back a notch or two. They only offer free apps from Google Play- so if you’re looking for a paid app you’ll need to talk to the developer.

Scan or click to download...To install this you’ll probably need to change a security setting to allow installation of apps from sources other than Google Play. But you can just set it back after installation of the backdate. Then enjoy navigating and mapping the way we used to back in the good old days- last month.

Google Maps 6.14.3

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  1. It appears that updates to the Android operating system will render this hack useless. If your phone updates to Android 4 it appears you’re stuck with the new and “improved” version Google Maps.

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