No Chemo!

CelebrationAfter several weeks of waiting- unnecessary waiting I might add- we finally got some good news.

The Oncotype Test on Jackie’s tumor came back with a low score of 17.  In English that means the likelihood of a recurrence of breast cancer is low so she does not need to have chemotherapy.

This was obviously a huge relief. Especially considering the test should have been ordered the day of her surgery. For some yet undetermined reason the test was ordered about two weeks ago- nearly a month after her surgery!

Another reason for celebration: this had been holding up the entire works.

Jackie Gets Scanned

We had known all along that radiation treatments were going to be required. But if you have chemo it has to happen first. And since we couldn’t make that call without the results of the test everything had come to a screeching halt. A maddening, screeching halt.

But now things are back on track. In fact, before we left Tulsa Cancer Institute they completed the preliminary setup and simulation they needed to calibrate the radiation treatment machine. This was quite fascinating and involved form-fitting bean bags, lasers, X-rays and tattoos!

Jackie still has to endure six weeks of daily radiation bombardment- but the worst is truly behind us.

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