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Blogging Tips from Rex BrownFear no feedback.

You can create your own interactive web forms to capture site feedback, blog comments, opinion polls, surveys and more. It’s dead simple, and free with a Google account!

The new and improved Google Forms is part of Google Apps, just like  Docs or Slides. This lesser known tool integrates with Sheets to store form responses in a spreadsheet format. And best of all, it’s very easy to use.

To get started log into your Google account and go to Drive (as in Click on New and choose More, then Google Form. If prompted click on New Google Forms so you’ll see the latest version as below.

Google-Form-UntitledGive your form a name and then we’ll create your first question. The initial question type is set to Multiple Choice. Let’s change that to Short Answer, then change Untitled Question to say “Name.” To make it more official click the slider at the bottom to enable the Required option.

Now click the + icon on the right to add another field. Name this one Email, and once again change the question type to Short Answer and click Required. Since people often mistype their email address let’s add another feature called validation. Click the little menu dots in the lower right and click Data Validation. This will add a new line of options to your question.


Set it to look like my example above. Choose Text, Email and enter a brief error message.

Finally add another question and choose Paragraph. Call this question Comments. And click the eyeball icon at the top of the page to see the form you’ve just created.

Congratulations! That’s how easy it is to create an interactive feedback form.

To manage the submissions click on Responses at the top and choose a destination. This is where you specify or create a spreadsheet to store the responses. If you would like to receive email notification go to the spreadsheet and click on Tools > Notification Rules.

Of course now we have to show your form to people. Click the Send button at the top of the form page and choose the chain link or < > icon. You’ll be supplied with a link or embed code to use on your site or in an email.

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