If… what?

If This Then That

If This, Then That has been around for years, but I only started playing with it a few weeks ago. It’s not only helpful, it’s actually kind of fun!

The premise behind IFTTT is to provide a simple way to connect things you already use. Like sending a note when your eBay auction ends, or posting a notice on Slack if a certain hashtag is used on Twitter, or turning on your washing machine if it rains. IF the weather app shows rain, THEN tell the fancy Wi-Fi washer to start. That’s THAT. It’s all about tieing together programs and apps… without being a programmer.

Recipes are the glue that make these connections happen. You can concoct your own, or browse Recipes created by others. So far most of the things I wanted to do… well, I wasn’t the first. Someone had already made a Recipe for it, so I merely needed to plug in my particulars.

IFTTT has connections to jillions of popular tools for scheduling, social media, contacts, cloud storage, blogging, even your connected washing machine can play. To learn more visit IFTTT.com