Columnista, Rejoice!

For years word processing aficionados have complained that Google Docs doesn’t support columns.

Well your wait is finally over!

Columns in Google Docs

Sometime in late September, users of Google Docs noticed a new entry for Columns appeared on the Format menu. Now with two clicks you can add a one, two or three-column layout to your Google Doc. To move to the next column use the menu item Insert > Column Break .

For years the column workaround has been to add a table. That’s still not a bad option depending on what you’re trying to do. But page columns are handy for simple layouts– like newsletters.

Let’s not forget we’re still talking about a word processor, not a graphics program. So whether you’re using the full-priced version of Microsoft Word or free options like Writer or Google Docs, it’s good to know the limitations. For any project that’s more complex I still rely on a real page layout program.