wordpress-versusIf all goes as planned this blog will be coming to you directly from

Big whoop, right?

Well, yeah… basically. Most of you won’t notice any difference. If you’re a web savvy surfer you might notice some differences in layout and a wee attribution in the footer. So yes, essentially big whoop is accurate.


WordPress offers a free service for your blogging pleasure at The confusing thing is also offers bloggers a way to broadcast their rants. The difference is .ORG provides you the open-source software to download and then run or host or twiddle with.

If you want to start a blog – and the above is confusing to you – then choose the .COM option.

If however you intend to make your fortune through affiliate marketing, product recommendations, digital advertising or e-commerce you would be better suited with .ORG and a server in your bedroom or a hosted WordPress site. In that case I can’t say enough good things about Pantheon.

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