Signal. Everywhere.

On of the rare instances that I spot a “killer app” it’s something worth sharing.

Google Photos.

One that took me a while to warm up to was Signal.

A friend suggested I try it, and I did not immediately discover it’s subtle genius. Signal is an SMS app by Open Whisper that offers secure communications— for free. It’s open source and encrypted end-to-end. Initially it only provided encrypted text messages– now it features secure calling a desktop app and more.

Eric Snowden says it’s cool.

There are so many messaging apps out there, all vying for our valuable screen time. Whatsapp, Google Duo, Facebook Messenger, yada yada yada.. Like most, Signal requires both parties to be on the app to gain all the benefits. But there are some great advantages it offers without making the whole world play along.

Consider the desktop app.

It’s a huge win for boomers like me that still use a laptop. If you don’t remember what that is… you might remember when we made voice calls? Signal does that too.

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