New Here?

I often get surprised looks when people ask me where I’m from. 

People new to Tulsa are often amazed at the number of natives they encounter. In our mobile society it’s unusual for people to live and work the same place they were born. Most American cities today are made up of transplants– sometimes imported from nearby, sometimes from the other side of the country. 

Tulsa also has its fair share of transplants. But you’ll also encounter a lot Boomerang Kids. Those who left for the big city only to return. Many boomerangs return because of failure. But often they return to start a family or, increasingly, care for an aging parent.

Then there are the people like me– a local who never left. No boomeranging. No sabbatical in the Big Apple. No coastal adventure. So don’t be surprised when you meet another native Tulsan in T-Town.

Some of us are just fortunate.

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