They can put a man on the moon…

As we tick another year off the countdown clock it’s a good time to reflect. Let us ponder some of the struggles we still must endure in our modern, connected world of 2019.

..but we still can’t:

  • Prevent Uninsured Motorists
    Oklahoma claims that car insurance is mandatory. If that’s the case, then why can I get a driver’s license without proving I have coverage?
  • Avoid Facebook Groups
    Why is it possible for someone to add to me to a group— without my consent or knowledge?!? It’s just weird (almost as weird as the way “Stories” appear at the top of every page whether you like it or not).
  • Ring a Phone More than Four Times
    Every mobile phone I’ve ever had rings four times, then goes to voicemail. Why four? And why can’t I choose six?
  • Rent Two Scooters at Once
    Seems like a great way for new users to discover your service. But none of the scooter-share apps I’ve tried allow you to check out more than one at a time. Lime claims this feature is coming, Bird doesn’t even address the issue.
  • Edit a Tweet
    Is that crazy or what? But the Twitterverse has provided some great #typos over the years, thanks to the lack of an Edit button. Some of my favorites originate from our Misspeller in Chief, like covfefe or smocking gun.

These are just a few.

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