Spoon of the Future!

Here’s a unique product I picked up at a thrift store in Stillwater, Oklahoma. It was just too weird not to rescue and offer on eBay!

It’s the Combination thermometer & spoon!

This product is called the Thermo Spoon by Gaydell and is still sealed in the 1965 cellophane. The handle features a dial-style analog thermometer that I assume is connected to the spoon’s ladle.

The Sixties box art is super boss. It appears to be a painting by someone named Asaro? You just know the chick on the box is wearing a mini skirt. She’s also very pleased with the aroma of her concoction– not to mention its perfect temperature! The box also includes recipes you will concoct with your space-age spoon. To avoid mass confusion they cleverly listed international fare on one side, American “delicacies” are on the other.

All this excitement and style was designed by a guy named Luigi di Benedetto. If he ever penned other designs or products, I was unable to find any mention of it.

But then again, once you’ve created your masterpiece (which earned the Good Housekeeping Seal of Approval)… where do you go from there?

They’ll be no tepid gravy in this house! And now you can own this masterpiece and amaze your friends! Have a party and watch Goodfellas so you can all yell, “Stir the sauce!” And all the while, knowing its exact temperature.

Visit my auctions on eBay and snag it today…

1965 Thermo Spoon on eBay

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