Extra Perks

Ever notice how airlines continually add more and more options to the check-in process?
Initially this involved checking bags— but today we slog through offers for priority boarding, first class upgrades, preferred seating, mileage multipliers… the list goes on.

But sometimes, the annoyance might be worth it.

On a recent flight I was faced with a tight connection in Charlotte. The plane was crowded (aren’t they always?) and my assigned seat was three rows from the last. I bit the bullet and upgraded to the Main Cabin Extra option. I was pleasantly surprised to learn that for $38, along with a little peace of mind from sitting closer to the front, my seat offered 6 extra inches of legroom, priority boarding, a free carry-on plus complimentary cocktails.

I was somewhat impressed!
After all, how long has it been since you were pleasantly surprised about anything involving air travel?!?

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