Finding International Buyers on eBay

If you sell stuff on eBay, and you’re based in the US of A, you most likely don’t offer international shipping. The majority of us have found the ins and outs of sending items across the pond… well, a hassle. Extra paperwork, language barriers, customs, VAT, yada yada. But all that might be a thing of the past with a new service eBay is offering:

Learn More About eBay International Standard Delivery

eBay International Standard Delivery is basically a forwarding service. You sell something to a buyer in France (or 209 other countries). Instead of mailing it to France, you send it to a U.S. distribution center. From there it travels abroad via a freight forwarding agent (we understand it’s usually DHL or Easyship). Any customs duties, VAT or special documentation is handled for you. Bottom line: You as a seller do nothing different.

eBay Style

The idea is this service offers a tracked shipping option, simplifies your selling process and is more economical than Global Priority Mail or courier services. But it is not without its flaws. This became painfully obvious as the global pandemic disrupted worldwide delivery systems. Sellers were left holding the bag when buyers were credited for delayed product. Another important difference that some sellers have found problematic is the two-system tracking aspect. Since the delivery travels via USPS to a distribution center, then through another system to reach the buyer, there are two tracking numbers. Some sellers report the “handoff” between the two systems has been an issue and resulted in lost shipments.

It’s also important to note the differences between this new program and the existing Global Shipping Program (GSP). For instance, GSP presents the buyer with any duties or taxes during checkout. This is not the case for the new standard delivery service.

Is it a good fit for everyone? Unlikely.
But depending on what you sell on eBay, it’s definitely worth a look.

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