Need a Lift?

Transforming your garage to a full-fledge automotive workshop has never been easier.

The QuickJack BL-50000SLX is an electric lift that raise 5000 pounds of vehicle 18 inches off the floor. It arrives in three boxes and plugs into a regular household 110VAC electrical outlet.

According to the company this lift is the ultimate tool for DIY’ers and race enthusiasts. It covers most vehicle types and takes up very little space. This lift is extremely versatile and surprisingly lightweight (it’s also our most popular model). Fits Porsche, Corvette, Mustang and more!

They also tout this latest design as more compact (it’s only 3 inches tall when collapsed) and easier to operate. It also features two automatic safety locks to make sure whatever you raise stays that way. And if that’s more or less lift than you need the company also offers lifts specific to motorcycles, ATVs and trucks.

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