Window Sticker Lookup

Have you ever pondered your car’s original price? Or maybe which factory options were ordered? There’s now a free online tool that can help.

If your car is 2013 model year or newer, and you know the VIN (vehicle identification number), the free Window Sticker Tool from will generate a PDF of your vehicle’s original window sticker. It looks like the genuine article and lists equipment, options, destination charges and mileage ratings.

Having the original window sticker can be helpful when shopping for a used car, making an insurance claim or obtaining financing. That last one is the reason the tool exists. WithClutch is in the business of refinancing automotive loans.

They’re even working on a Chrome extension that allows you to browse used car sites and generate a window sticker as you shop. They also offer free Carfax reports and commercial solutions for car dealers or auction sites. To look up your own window sticker visit and enter your VIN and email address. In a few minutes you’ll receive a message with a link to your PDF.

Free Window Sticker Tool

Updated January 23, 2021:

Updated to reflect new process sending via email instead of SMS.

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