Would You Buy a Used Car from…

No one. The correct answer is: no one.
At least not right now. Used car prices are insane, and still climbing.

In the past year the price of used vehicles has climbed an astonishing 30%. The primary reason for this venture to the Upside Down is due to a shortage of microchips, which has bogged down new car production. 

Consumers who can go without a car temporarily are cashing in. Online outlets like Carvana and Vroom are seeing record numbers of requests for offers. CarMax recently added an online quote feature to handle the demand from potential sellers.

According to a recent article from Autoblog…

When it was new, the window sticker price on a typical 2019 Toyota Tacoma SR double cab pickup was just under $29,000. Two years later, dealers are paying almost $1,000 more than that to buy the same vehicle, even though it’s used.

Then they’re selling it to consumers for more than $33,000.

Welcome to the wacky world of U.S. car and truck sales, where the pandemic and a global shortage of computer chips have pushed prices to record levels.

It’s true. Here’s the full story: Some Used Vehicles Now Costing More than their Original Sticker Price

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