What’s New?

Here’s a quick tip you might find helpful if you use the Chrome web browser. Did you know there’s an easy to find feature called What’s New? There are loads of helpful tools and features you may not know about.

For example, I recently discovered one and use it all the time. It will reopen a tab I accidentally closed. Just right-click in that empty area up top and…

Reopen closed tab!

For years I have used the menu option under History. While that still works (and is especially helpful if you need something you closed yesterday) it’s not as simple as the new menu item or Ctrl+Shift+T shortcut.

That’s just one recent example. To find all the wonderful What’s New tips you can use this link (if you’re using Chrome of course): chrome://whats-new/

Or click on the upper-right menu ⠇> Help > What’s New?

There are loads more, and the information is updated with each browser update. Enjoy!

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