A New Ferrari… SUV?

I guess it had to happen.

Enzo Ferrari was famously opposed to the idea of any quattroporte bearing a prancing horse. Back in 1980 a 400 was stretched by Pininfarina to squeeze in two more doors, but that was just a one-off for the Turin Auto Show.

Ferrari Purosangue will be the company's first SUV.

Well, get ready to roll in your grave, Commendatore!

According to Car & Driver the first SUV from Maranello will be introduced for 2023. Named the Ferrari Purosangue, which means thoroughbred, or literally pure blood in Italian. We wonder who they’re trying to convince?

The infatuation with high ride height luxury vehicles marches on. Or in this case… prances? The sale of SUVs in the U.S. outpaced cars for the first time in 2015. Since then sport-ute consumers have shown no sign of slowing down. Even as smaller SUVs seem like station wagons with a lift kit— sedans continue to lose the battle in the showroom.

Here are more specs and details on the Ferrari Purosangue from Car & Driver

Ferrari’s First SUV is Nigh

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