PNY solid state drive ready to install.

No Moving Parts

Make the move to an SSD drive easy peasy.

A solid state drive (SSD) is a great way to breathe new life into an aging computer. Even if storage space isn’t an issue, the speed advantage of a drive with “no moving parts” is pretty astounding.

Conventional hard drives have disks and tiny moving arms much like a record player. The SSD is merely a huge array of memory – like a giant USB flash drive. Nothing spins, no arms move, it just works. Though… that wasn’t always the case.

The SSD revolution was slow by modern tech standards. Server administrators were cool on the idea (many still are). That’s because early versions of the silent storage drives were prone to premature failure and troublesome to install/replace. The expected lifespan of a modern SSD is around 5 years, more like 10 for the casual home computer.

Today the biggest roadblock to upgrading to an SSD is the physical installation. Moving all you stuff over to another drive can be daunting. Windows users should take advantage of the free backup utility available from
USB to SATA Converter


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