76 Grams of Riding Gear

Motorcycle people love accessories. Riding gear, tools, lights… you name it we buy it. Especially little doo-dads that are small and can make the ride more (or less) eventful.


This must be why I was intrigued by a recent blog from ADV Rider entitled Add 2.7oz To Help Save Money, Time and Health. If that particular weight has you confused let me explain: The ubiquitous Clif bar weighs 2.6 ounces. Out on the trail or middle of nowhere a Clif bar is a sort of edible currency. Similar to a pack of Marlboros in prison? It is a valuable bit of cargo. The author proceeded to gather helpful bits that weighed no more than the average Clif bar.

The list is skewed toward off-road riding, but a couple of items would serve any two-wheeled traveler. One of the more interesting gadgets is called a FlipFuel, and designed to connect two camp fuel cannisters together. It’s not uncommon to end up with half empty cans that don’t enough left to make coffee- but too much to comfortably throw away. The Flip Fuel connects two cans to a camping stove like a JetBoil.

Flip Fuel

That’s just one of the clever doo-dads this rider came up with. I’m working on my own list now!

Add 2.7oz To Help Save Money, Time and Health

Explore all six items on the list and see if any of these might be handy the next time you hit the trail. But I’m still going to bring my Clif bar.

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