New E-Bike from Zero

This Zero is All Zip

Zero Motorcycles has once again raised the bar for all-electric bikes.

Zero SR/FThe all-new 2020 Zero SR/F is a naked streetfighter boasting 110 BHP and 140 ft/lbs of torque. Tipping the scales just under 500 pounds the SR/F offers a range of 161 miles in standard trim. Zero calls it the first fully “smart” motorcycle. 


Source: This Zero is All Zip

New Here?

I often get surprised looks when people ask me where I’m from. 

People new to Tulsa are often amazed at the number of natives they encounter. In our mobile society it’s unusual for people to live and work the same place they were born. Most American cities today are made up of transplants– sometimes imported from nearby, sometimes from the other side of the country. 

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Getting There – it isn’t always the fun part

Our trip to Austin was not the smoothest excursion.

Fans spill out onto the track after Räikkönen wins the 2018 US Grand Prix.

But we finally made it to COTA, joined friends for a great time and watched an exciting race with a nail-biter of a finish.
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