Classic Tulsa Archive

Anyone interested in vintage views of Tulsa should visit the vast archive of photographs from the Beryl Ford Collection. The database has been made available online by the Tulsa City-County Library system and the Tulsa Rotory Club. Prints are also available through the Tulsa Historical Society.

The collection offers more than 22,000 images collected over a lifetime by this humble historian of Tulsa’s early years. This collection is so amazing because of the numerous scenes of everyday life- like this scene showing a traffic accident at 11th and Denver.

Courtesy of Beryl Ford Collection/Rotary Club of Tulsa, Tulsa City-County Library and Tulsa Historical Society

Set the Wayback for “then” and explore the Tulsa of yesteryear. I think you’ll agree, it’s an invaluable resource for our City.

Browse the Beryl Ford Collection

Tulsa One of Many Potential Shuttle Stops

Tulsa is hoping to land one of NASA’s surplus Space Shuttles. And we’re not the only ones- cities from Huntsville to London have lined up for a piece of that ceramic tile action.

But we have one ace in the hole, something no other city can boast. We have Roadside America rooting for Tulsa!

Monorail… monorail… monorail…

FREE: Local Happenings This Week

Couple of cool things coming up in T-Town this week, and the best part is they’re free! So with no further adieu…

Tuesday, August 25
Tulsa Drillers Baseball
For their Advertiser’s Appreciation Night fans can snag free tickets at any Driller’s sponsor. That’s like- a lot.

Wednesday, August 26
Lights On at El Rancho Grande
In his book, The Tipping Point, Malcolm Gladwell talks about the “broken window syndrome.” The theory is that just one broken window can eventually ruin a whole neighborhood. But fortunately this can also work in reverse.

Consider the restored Meadow Gold neon sign on 11th Street. It inspired the owners of one of Tulsa’s oldest restaurants to polish up their neon sign. El Rancho Grande has repaired the neon and given the sign a fresh coat of paint. This Wednesday at 7:30 pm they’ll be firing it up and celebrating with half price margaritas and appetizers. Ole!

Thursday, August 27
Fifth Night Finale
The 27th is also the final installment of Utica Square’s free concert series, Fifth Night. Drop by and slow your pulse with the smooth jazz of Grady Nichols.

Friday, August 28
Red Dirt Rangers Birthday Party
Hard to believe it’s been twenty years now since I listened to the Red Dirt Rangers at a dive in Stillwater called Willie’s Saloon. And now they have the audacity to book the Cain’s Ballroom?!? Well, hey… at least it’s free.

Seriously, doors open at 7:00 pm for this anniversary celebration for one of Oklahoma’s favorite bands. At one of Oklahoma’s most famous venues! Now where’d I stash those Tuf Nut jeans….

Pop’s Featured on Today Show

Pop’s in Arcadia is one of Oklahoma’s newest Route 66 landmarks. We visited the Jetsonian convenience store back in 2007 and wrote about it for Oklahoma Modern.

And earlier this week Pop’s was even featured on the NBC Today Show.

Let’s look in!

Photography Kudos

Earlier this year Jackie and I went to Albuquerque on a business trip. I had just recently purchased my Olympus E-410 and was snapping photos and enjoying the high desert lifestyle (see Take a Left at Albuquerque for more).

Some of the pics came out pretty good and I shared them on my Flickr page. Then a few weeks ago I got a message from an outfit called Schmap. They make interactive guides to cities around the world that will play on your phone or website. Schmap was considering using this photo in their Albuquerque guide:
Mission in Albuquerque's Old Town district.

It was a gratis gig, but I said sure. What could it hurt?

Then yesterday I got a note that they had chosen my photo and it was now included in their Schmap Albuquerque Sixth Edition. I had never heard of Schmap before (which is possibly the whole point to this) but I like what they’re doing. Who better to share the story of a city than the people who have been there?

And here’s a cute little Schmap widget of their Albuquerque guide, complete with my lovely photo of the mission in Old Town.