Wallpaper Your World

Windows 10 has some great features. Virtual desktops, integrated VPN, wireless displays, a browser that works, etc.

But you may not have noticed the included panoramic desktop wallpaper images. Users with multi-screen displays will discover that an extended desktop no longer means a repeated background image. Extending your desktop to another monitor will show a full panorama image. Continue reading Wallpaper Your World

Insects on the March

The Sam Noble Museum in Norman has been infested with bugs. Giant bugs!

Jackie ponders the giant insects.

Two exhibits opened February 2nd that feature larger than life insects. Either one is definitely worth a visit- the two together make for an entomology overload!

Bugs: Outside the Box features giant, highly detailed replicas of butterflies, beetles and a cool dragonfly. Each one is a handmade work of art- accurate in every detail. The display showing how Lorenzo Possenti creates these gigantic creatures was almost as interesting as the final product!

Beautiful Beasts: The Unseen life of Oklahoma Spiders and Insects is an exhibition of macro photography by Thomas Shahan. His surreal images of spiders and insects look staged or enhanced but he actually shoots them without trickery- or even a very fancy camera! Most of the photos were taken in Norman and Tulsa, although they look like something from another world.

beastsOutside the Box exhibit is on display through May 12, 2013 and Beautiful Beasts can be enjoyed until September 8, 2013. For more information visit www.snomnh.ou.edu.